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Apisal Sparkling Nasal Spray

8.00 JOD

Apisal Sparkling Nasal Spray is a safe drug-free physiological saline solution that innovatively combines the cleansing and decongesting properties of saline with the energetic properties of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to create a revolutionary “sparkling saline” rinse. This triple action formula releases millions of micro bubbles which effectively breaks down and penetrates thick mucus and quickly & deeply flushes away germs and allergens
Carbon Dioxide inclusion in this solution differentiates against ordinary saline solutions and is scientifically proven to help lower pH levels in the nose to 4-4.5 making it hostile to pathogens, viruses, and bacteria. Has demonstrated superior bacterial biofilm disruption, which is important for clearing nasal cavity chronic infections and acts as a natural anti-oxidant by neutralizing peroxynitrite a potent nasal cytotoxin associated with nasal polyps.