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Bioderma Sensibio Forte Cream 40ml

24.00 JOD

Sensibio Forte is effective in relieving redness and irritations after any procedure like peeling, hair removal, laser therapy, sunburns, after shaving, etc. Sensibio Forte contains concentrated Enoxolone that instantly relives redness and overheating, Beeswax and Xylitol that rapidly moisturizes your skin and combat hydration!

Using Sensibio Forte gives instant results as it hydrates your skin by 100%, soothes your skin by 100% ! This product has rapid soothing care for flushed or reddened sensitive skin and can be used for face & body.

  • How to use : Apply at morning and evening and possibly 3 times a day in the event of intense redness and/or overheating! Use Sensibio Forte on your skin after cleansing.